10 inspirations to wear white in winter

10 inspirations to wear white in winter

10 inspirations to wear white in winter
10 inspirations to wear white in winter
Although we do not imagine wearing a monochrome white look in winter in Quebec, we dare to adopt this inspiring set if we have little time to go outside. The rich textures of the sweater and coat are blended with the soft, short pants. We are armed with a resolutely chic outfit!

This white outfit is ideal for the office, and this, in any season. The white pants are worn with finesse by opting for a nude pump, which will lengthen the leg. A cream cardigan to finish the look smoothly, and voila!

If one hesitates to opt for the white pants, one chooses a model with stripes. They will refine the leg while reducing the shiny side of the white. By combining the white pants with a dark boot, you get a refreshing and perfect outfit for the winter.
White is often associated with elegance. To break the sophisticated spirit of this color, we opt for fabrics with a casual style, such as jeans, and we add accessories like a toque and sneakers.
To balance a white monochrome outfit, we do not hesitate to bet on colored accessories. The navy will contrast with the sweetness of such a pale outfit. For the outside, we put on top of this outfit a nice dark wool coat, perfect to give even more vibrance to the white.

On loose clothes, white gains in delicacy. It is worn from head to toe in winter to get a finesse. Synonymous with elegance, the white takes on a distinctly more relaxed side. We imagine to trade the sneakers for boots and do our shopping in this outfit!
No need to look far if you decide to adopt the white this winter. Well cut trousers, loose t-shirt and textured jacket make up the perfect trio. In summer, the TTG jacket is replaced by a long sleeveless jacket, which will add structure to the outfit.
The easiest white room to wear in winter - besides the t-shirt - is probably jeans. With its thick fabric, it hides small defects and is easy to detach if you make a small damage during the day. We make sure to roll it over our boots to prevent it from rubbing on the ground.

Want to adopt the white smoothly? It is mixed with beige and brown, for a softened set that will allow us to inject this color in small doses in our wardrobe. Inspired by this chic outfit and transposed palazzo worn this summer by arranging a mid-high boot to protect our legs from cold in winter.
With black tights and a biker jacket, a little white dress is perfect for winter! We love the rock side of the perfecto, which breaks the delicacy of the bohemian dress.

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