5 models of shoes comfortable and perfect for your office party

5 models of shoes comfortable and perfect for your office party

The Christmas party at the office is perfect for daring a little more side look. However, for those who must wear orthotics in their shoes, the styles sometimes seem limited. Here are five models of shoes that appeal to all tastes, that allow the wearing of the orthotic Chic and that do not compromise at all the look of the holidays!


Superb to lengthen the leg and curve the calf, the pumps add a dizzying touch to any outfit. We choose them carefully to be certain that the height of the heel and the arch of the sole will suit our feet for several hours. We prefer thin orthoses to discreetly guarantee our comfort.


Booties combine style, comfort and audacity. We follow the current trend and opt for a block heel. We complete our look with a leather boot, glitter fabric, velvet, suede or embroidered floral. We easily slip our orthoses without anyone knowing.
Shoes with open ends

Whether they are pumps, boots or flat heels, open-toed shoes always add a feminine touch. We make sure we have a well made pedicure and we put foot sandal stockings, without reinforced ends. On the orthotic side, we opt for the Chic model, which offers a pretty floral pattern - something to be stylish all the way to the toes.


Femininity does not come only high heels! The flat shoes are suitable for all sets and as a bonus, ensure full foot stability. Chic orthotics, which are tapered and invisible once in shoes, are easy to slip into. They are worn to last until the end of the night without having their feet stewed.

Thigh boots

Available in various lengths, the thigh boot can stop above the knee or even climb very high on the thigh. It fits as much on fitted pants as with a miniskirt. It is chosen in leather, velvet or stretch fabric, with or without print, flat heel or high heel. We opt for orthotics breathable coating for maximum comfort.


Comfort should never be compromised for a question of look - no matter which shoe model you choose, you insert a pair of orthotics. It ensures our good plant health, we feel less pain in the feet and knees, and we show a look at the height of our style!

Chic orthoses are made to measure by experts, so we go to one of the clinics or points of service of the Équilibre network to order them in advance. This year. we celebrate with style and comfort!

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