Hair: with each face its cut

Hair: with each face its cut

Hair: with each face its cut
Hair: with each face its cut
The oblong face approaches the oval, but is longer and narrower.

The good hairstyle: To break the length of the face, it favors a mid-long and degraded cut that lets the curls breathe and promotes the natural movement of the hair. The bangs are also an excellent ally. If you decide to color the hair, make sure to lighten the longer ends of the face (the forehead and jaw) to bring a little width.
Cut: Roxanne Selleck believes that to balance the oblong face of Marie-Élaine, we must create dimension. "To achieve this, I shortened her hair. To bring a little breadth to her face and add texture and volume to her hair, I made a gradation by focusing on the locks that surround her forehead, "she says.

Color: "With a light sweep, I bring light on all of his hair to expand the horizontal line. I still focused on the locks that frame his forehead and tips, to put his jawline value. As the chosen color is very subtle (a golden tone to flatter her complexion), the necessary maintenance is minimal: once or twice a year is enough to revive her, "says Matt Waldron.


This shape of the face is reminiscent of an inverted triangle: the forehead is wider and the chin small and narrow.

The right cut: To sublimate the faces in heart, one favors the mid-long hair which goes down under the jaw. We choose a straight cut, ideally separated in the center. We avoid the gradient and the fringe, because the thickness of the hair is the key element to balance the face. Side color, we take a hue that intensifies down, like a shaded subtle.

Coupe: "When you have a face in your heart like Genevieve's, you want to emphasize your chin and hide your forehead," says hairdresser-colorist Loïc Moritz-Dulot. So I chose to make him a long square: the thickness refines his face and highlights his cheekbones, while the length softens the outline of his jaw. I also degraded slightly a small wick in the front to frame his forehead, which is quite pronounced.

Color: To attract attention to his jaw, colorist Scott Bignell chose to create a gradient in the lengths. "To soften the growth of his blond and give fluidity, I colored his root in a tone that approaches its natural color. I also added a golden beige, a warm tone, on its tips to add dimension and shine. "

This type of face is about as wide as it is long.

The right hairstyle: Round-faced women should have their hair under the jaw, tapered all the way and cut rather square at the tips to refine the face.

Cut: "Myriam already had the length adapted to the shape of her face, but she did not have the necessary volume to break the roundness effect. By adding a gradient and clearing the forehead, you sharpen your features and frame your face, creating more volume on the top of the head than on the sides, "said Roxanne Selleck, hairdresser at Panache.
Color: Matt Waldron, master hairstylist, colorist and co-owner of the show, chose a copper gloss to create shine, enhance his warm complexion and play with dimensions. "The light colors create an illusion of volume, whereas it is the opposite for dark colors. I cleared the spikes taking care to leave darker strands around the face to thin it. "


The forehead is wide, the cheeks and jaws are prominent.

The right hairstyle: The hair under the chin is perfectly suited to this form of face. In order to soften the line of the jaw, one opts for a gradient or a tapered fringe (a square fringe is to be avoided). For the same reasons, we take care to lighten the hair near the forehead and eyes, and the tips from the chin.

Cut: "In normal times, we would opt for a gradient to refine the contours of the face and give the illusion of a more oval shape, says Roxanne Selleck; but, as Marjorie has fine hair, we want to keep the thickness. So I put on a tapered bang to trim the top of her face and degraded the tips slightly to soften her well-defined jaw. "

Color: As for Scott Bignell, he decided to lighten the hair around the face and the tips under the jaw to soften the lines. "I wanted to create a hyper-natural" sun-blondi "effect that does not require much maintenance. The plus, for fine hair like Marjorie's, is the illusion of volume and depth that this color creates. "


This is considered the perfect shape: the width of the face is about half the length, the cheekbones are curved, and the jaw is thin.

The right cut: All cuts are allowed except thick fringe.

Cut: "Claudia's long mane flattens out all the volume, which is really a shame for such fine lines. So I degraded his hair to release his curls and create movement. To further frame her face, I focused the gradient in the tips and cut a tapered fringe she can wear on the side, "says the hairdresser and colorist Loïc Moritz-Dulot.

Color: "I applied a gloss to accentuate the red highlights in her hair. The volume created by the new cut, combined with the intensity of the color provides a look that gives radiance to the oval face of Claudia, "says Loïc Moritz-Duclot.

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