How to dress for a first date

How to dress for a first date

How to dress for a first date
How to dress for a first date
Want to find the right outfit for a first date? Here are some tips for getting dressed for a first date.

Whether you go biking or going to the restaurant, a first date is crucial and we do not want to miss it! But then, how to dress for a first date to stay sexy while being relaxed? Whether it's a simple romantic meal or a chic restaurant, here's how to choose an outfit that makes us feel beautiful and confident.
How to dress for a first date?
Tracy Tynan, a Hollywood stylist, shares tips on how to dress for a first date and make a good first impression.

"The most important thing is to feel comfortable," says Tynan, "because feeling uncomfortable can demolish us nervously!" She suggests taking out her favorite outfit to feel relaxed and confident.

She tells us again: "If you are overweight, do not wear the tightest clothes, and if you are thin, do not wear loose-fitting pullovers or pants." Highlight your main asset (a skirt for long legs, a fitted top if you're slim). "Tynan also warns against buying a new outfit that could add stress.

How to dress for the first date?
Depending on whether we meet for a coffee or dinner, we must adapt our outfit: more relaxed coffee, and a little more neat for dinner. If it's a dinner in a classy restaurant, opt for dark colors: "Every woman should have a little black dress," suggests Tracy. "There is always an opportunity to use it, be it a funeral or to get dressed for a first date.

If the meeting is rather informal, the jeans remain at the top, but let's add more formal elements like heels, a little silk top ... combining styles is fun and elegant!

Dress on first appointment with accessories
"Accessories have to be used sparingly," says Tracy. "A big gem will be very chic on a solid outfit, however it is better to choose a more discreet jewel on a patterned outfit.Beads are also a classic and versatile choice." One would be tempted to add that a complicated hairstyle could be a source of stress: after a good shampoo, we prefer a hairstyle that is easy to keep or redo.

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