How to lose hips

How to lose hips

How to lose hips
How to lose hips
Want to have beautiful thin hips and drawn? Here's how to lose hips through easy and fast exercises.

Losing hips easily should be within everyone's reach! Indeed, draw your hips as desired is easy if you know the good exercises. Let's do this in the week to exercises for. to refine her calves and have plump buttocks, and one is sure to have a seductive and absolutely irreproachable lower body. Convinced? So here is a guide on how to lose hips quickly and without forcing too much!

Exercise to lose hips

To start, here's good news: all the exercises to lose the hips that we will see are achievable in the comfort of our home and without equipment! So no gym, with all the hassle that entails; we can go at our own pace and have fun while getting in shape! In this series of exercises, it is our legs, our trunk and more generally our body which will act as weight of exercise. A healthy method, effective, without risk of injury and already meeting many followers!

+Single leg pelvis lifts: For this exercise let's stretch out on our back with our two legs bent at 90 degrees (like doing abdominals). Then lift the leg of our choice in the air to bring it to the same level as the thigh of our bent leg. Let's wrap our arms on the ground for more balance and take off our pelvis from the ground so that it is in the same axis as our stretched leg. Be careful not to push on his arms with this exercise to lose hips! Let's perform this exercise in sets of 15 repetitions for each leg.
+Lateral Basin Surveys: As in the previous exercise, we remain at ground level. For this one it will be necessary to lie down on the side; let's help with our bent arm to rest on the floor, straighten our bust and balance. Exercise is quite simple but extremely effective for losing hips. Just straighten his pelvis so we have our body in one line, hold 2 seconds, then return to the relaxed starting position. To repeat slowly in sets of 15, without forgetting to change sides after each series!

+Lateral leg lift: For this exercise we move to standing position! Hands on the hips, we raise our leg (stretched) laterally. Again an easy and extremely effective exercise to lose hips and firm up the buttocks. Perform 10 repetitions. Come on, last exercise!

+Leg raise low position: Return to a low position, it feels good! For this exercise we will have to get on all fours taking care to have the same space (about 35cm) between our hands and our two legs. For the continuation it is simple: it is enough to raise the leg of our choice towards the outside in a lateral way. Yes, a little like a dog that pee! Not very glamorous, but extremely effective for the muscles and perfect for burning fat!

To lose hips even faster

Lateral leg lift (advanced): If one feels to go further, here is an exercise to lose hips that will lead us to surpass ourselves and end our session in fireworks. For this exercise, we will need a light weight, if you have a dumbbell it is very good if a bottle of water filled will do just fine. In the raised position, coming to call our weight in the hollow of our leg, in the back of the knee, it is important to contract well its muscles to keep it in place. This is the interest of the exercise that will ask us even more if we master this contraction. Then just lift your leg outward sideways. Repeat 10 times per set and per leg. For ease it is possible to face a wall on which to rely to maintain a good balance.

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