How to refine his calves

How to refine his calves

How to refine his calves
How to refine his calves
Want to have beautiful legs fine? Here's how to refine your calves with easy exercises.

Refine your calves without muscle is the dream of many women! Indeed, these are fine legs that we are looking for, and not bodybuilder legs with biker's calves. Losing hips and having plump buttocks should not stop us from worrying about our legs, so here is how to refine his calves without forcing too much!

Exercise to refine your calves

All these exercises to refine the calves are to do at home, without equipment! Indeed, it is very simple to refine his calves only thanks to the weight of the body and a voluntary contraction.

For this first exercise to refine the calves, put us on one foot, just raise the heel. Let's maintain the position a few seconds to balance. Then proceed in sets of 10 to climb on the soles of the feet. Let's take our time!
Another very good exercise to refine your calves is to squat, as if we needed to urinate in the countryside. Admittedly, it's not very glamorous ... yet, this is a perfect exercise! While keeping this position, put us on tiptoe. In the same way as before, let's start with sets of 10.

Refine your calves every day

A very good way to refine your calves daily is to take the stairs! In addition to improving our heart rate and burning fat, it will help us refine our calves. Indeed, taking the stairs will allow us to tone the muscles of the calves ... but also our abs! And if we spill our coffee down the stairs, do not panic: just use the good laundry.

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