The art of brunch

The art of brunch

The art of brunch
The art of brunch
Friends or family come to brunch at home this weekend? By following these eight steps, the pleasure will be at the rendezvous!

1. Develop a menu in advance

Planning is a guarantee of success. On the menu side, to get off the beaten path, we peel our recipe books and storm the search engines to find original dishes with a great variety of foods. The goal? Allow our guests to feast while being satisfied and ready to attack their day in strength. We surprise our guests by preparing a yogurt bar. Easy to prepare, it is friendly and allows our guests to create a perfect custom. Natural yogurt, granola, nuts and fresh fruits are being washed and cut. For a more festive touch, add chips of dark chocolate, maple syrup or unsweetened coconut flakes.
2. Think Protein

Since most people tend to eat less protein at lunch, we make sure that our morning menu will put them in the spotlight. A very simple and effective way to improve protein intake in the morning is to convert coffee or tea into batten by adding milk.

2. Set the table the day before

If you want to relax a little longer in bed (it's the weekend after all!), We prepare the table for brunch the day before. We enlarge the table and add the necessary chairs. We put a floral tablecloth or placemats of festive colors then we leave our best napkins and cutlery on holidays.

4. Shopping the day before

Always the day before the brunch, we go to the grocery store with our list in hand to buy the necessary food. If we choose to offer a welcome cocktail to our guests, we get a bottle of sparkling wine with which we can make excellent pineapple mimosas.

5. Buy flowers

We go to a florist the day before the event to get a lovely bouquet of flowers. Our bouquet will add color and life to the house. Between the races and the meal, no time to go to the florist? We take advantage of the home delivery service.

6. Plan an appropriate playlist

On this sweet weekend morning, we receive our guests in an inviting and soothing sound. Exit the music with well-felt electric guitar solos. Folk, classical music or jazz are in the spotlight.

7. Cook with children

As a general rule, children like to receive as much as their parents. We therefore propose to our children to get their hands dirty too. In addition to waiting more easily until the arrival of the guests, our assistant cooks will develop their cooking skills. They are given simple tasks according to their age. One will make a protein shake with fruit, milk and yogurt, while the other will squeeze oranges or peel bananas for example.

8. Cheese please

Tasty and healthy, the cheese is an excellent complement to our brunch. There are three to five kinds (strong cheddar, mozzarella, brie, etc.) in the form of cheese platters. Varieties are identified by making labels on a toothpick. Cheese, like milk and yogurt, is a good source of protein. During our brunch, it will allow our guests to be well satiated and maintain a sustained level of energy in the afternoon.

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